Why do I do this? Why do I choose to live in foreign countries, far away from friends, family, and cheese? Why do I willingly work in environments where I don’t know the language, the customs, or how to use the coffee machine?  I’ve struggled with answering this question articulately for years. My best answer has always been,

5C Articles2I did not always believe this and was, for a time, content to go through the motions.  But now, as a post-grad twenty-something, I am determined to actively create myself.  My personal challenge is to intentionally launch myself outside of my comfort zone and into unknown places, to dig my toes in the dirt, stay a while, and embrace change. I will do this while seeing as much of the world as possible.

I want to see the world.  While in university, I was fortunate to study abroad in Paris for one year, and to visit Peru and Cuba on separate occasions.  I love being immersed in new cultures and exploring different places.  After graduation, I decided that now is the best time to create new adventures.  So, I quit my job and moved to Japan and teach English for the JET Program.  That was four years ago. I lived in Japan for two years, then moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Later, I spent some time in South America before moving to Albania, where I currently live in Tirana.

I hope to refine and expand my cross-cultural and traveling knowledge while also learning new skills as a teacher and learning to adapt in a foreign country. I anticipate challenges and I welcome them.  I will set small goals and work to achieve them.  I will succeed and I will fail.  I will feel confident and I will feel miserably inadequate.  There will be hilarious stories and pensive reflections.  I will meet people and I will build relationships.

I will change.


This blog is a compilation of my travels.  I will use this space to record interesting stories, site visits, unexpected encounters, strange food, and all the ups and downs of living and working in a foreign country.  If you’re reading, I hope you enjoy these posts and stories, whether in preparation for your own international adventure or simply for curiosity and entertainment.

This blog also has archives of posts from Paris and Peru.  Please note that I was much younger when writing in Paris and even younger when writing in Peru.  My thoughts and points-of-view may have changed since then, as well as my grammar.  Change is good.


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